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Charity Art Auction supported by IFB

Goa Open Arts and IFB Appliances launch a collaboration that brings together art, ideas and empowerment!

Art at Work’ invites two of Goa’s leading artists, Subodh Kerkar and Pradeep Naik,  to re-imagine IFB home appliances with their own vision and signature artistic style to make functional machines into objects of art. These unique collector’s pieces can be acquired by placing your bid on our online auction. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Owl House, a Goa based charitable organisation.

To place your bid, fill the Auction Form with your interest and bid price.

Starting bid for each work is INR 75,000.
Auction closes on Friday, 1st April at 12.00 AM.

The Owl House, a Goa based charitable organisation that works with people from neurodivergent backgrounds and helps them to be ready for engaging with the world. 

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The Owl House creates pathways for young adults who are neurodiverse, filling a critical gap in employment opportunities through specialized vocational training. The organisation began in April 2018, initially offering therapy alongside skill training, but have since honed their focus on professional skills that lead to meaningful livelihoods. Their work is grounded in a holistic approach, emphasizing not just income generation but enriching lives through enjoyment, camaraderie, and career fulfilment. They offer tailored sessions in Store Management and Production, Gardening and Food Cultivation, and Culinary and Cafe Management, empowering students to harness their unique interests and skills. Their latest achievement, The Owl Cafe, serves as Goa's first neurodiverse-run cafe, providing a practical platform for our students to thrive in real-world roles, from culinary arts to customer service. This initiative isn't just about employment; it's about community integration and showcasing the remarkable capabilities of our students, challenging societal perceptions and celebrating neurodiversity.


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Fields by Pradeep Naik

2024, Acrylic paint on IFB AC

Fields evokes the artist's nostalgic connection to his youth, spent exploring the picturesque paddy fields of Goa alongside his parents. Fond memories flood the artist's mind, recalling the refreshing coolness of the misty air that envelops the paddy fields during the winter months. In his distinctive style characterised by abstracted and painterly landscapes, the artist skilllfully incorporates the concept of a cooling AC unit, seamlessly blending personal reminiscences with imaginative elements in this expressive masterpiece.

Pradeep Naik  is considered to be one of the most influential artists of his generation in Goa. A graduate of Goa College of Art and SN School and Art and communication in Hyderabad, Pradeep is also a co-founder of the prestigious Goa Artists' Collective, and is well known in the community for his work that blends art and architecture. 

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Iron Lady by Subodh Kerkar

2024, Oil paints (gloss) on IFB Washing Machine


Iron Lady is a playful exploration of mechanical forms, blending the elegance of traditional irons with the grace of women's heads. Departing from Subodh's usual depiction of fisherwomen on boats, this artwork combines feminine figures with the iconic shapes of traditional iron, creating a captivating and imaginative fusion of elements.

Subodh Kerkar, born in the picturesque village of Keri, transitioned from a qualified medical professional to a renowned artist and activist three decades ago. Specializing in conceptual and land art, his installations, heavily influenced by the ocean, incorporate mussel shells, pebbles, palm leaves, boats, fishermen, and sand. As the Founding Director of the Museum of Goa (MOG) and the Mario Miranda Chair at Goa University, Kerkar's global presence is marked by exhibitions in galleries, museums, and biennales worldwide. Residing in Goa, he is celebrated not only for his artistic prowess but also as an esteemed orator on social, political, and religious issues.


IFB is known for its commitment to cutting-edge technology, design excellence, and customer satisfaction. The company has consistently introduced state-of-the-art appliances that cater to the evolving needs of Indian households. With a focus on reliability and durability, IFB has become a trusted name in the Indian consumer electronics market.


In addition to its innovative products, IFB has also made significant contributions to the community through various social initiatives. The company's dedication to both technological advancement and corporate social responsibility positions IFB as a leading player in the Indian home appliance sector.

Museum of Goa

Museum of Goa (MOG) is a contemporary art space in Goa, India, that narrates stories of Goa’s past, present, and future through art. It combines culture, art, and storytelling to encourage conversations and appreciation for the arts, while sharing knowledge about local histories, cultures, and artists across the Indian subcontinent.The Museum seeks to bring art and local history to larger audiences, in an attempt to bridge the huge cultural gap in the country. In a nation as diverse as India, where contemporary art often remains inaccessible to the masses, MOG takes on the responsibility of creating an inclusive space for people from all walks of life.

Museum of Goa (MOG) has provided production support to make the 'Art at Work' project possible.

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