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An artist led forum for new initiatives in the creative arts.

Goa Open Arts was conceived in 2019 and is a platform founded by the OPEN ARTS INITIATIVE, a group of creative professionals living and working in Goa. With the belief that the arts play a catalytic role in the vitalisation of our society, community, and the world at large, our aim is invigorate the creative community in the region. This may be in the form of public events, grants, workshops, school interactions, residencies, mentoring, school interactions and more.


Our debut effort, the Goa Open Arts Festival 2020 was a resounding success that galvanised a creative talent pool of 75 creative practitioners working and residing in Goa and a diverse audience in one venue over a period of 4 days. 

In the summer of 2020, responding to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Goa Open Arts initiated the Catalyst Grants. Through an open call and a juried selection, 6 artists were supported with a financial grant for a new or on-going project. The work from the Catalyst Grants was exhibited at a month long exhibition titled "Retellings" in February 2021 at the Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Goa.

In 2021, Goa Open Arts gave out the second edition of the Catalyst grants to 6 Goa based artists and also initiated the Goa Open Arts ENGAGE Grants to support projects and artist led initiatives that benefit and engender community engagement. The first Grant resulted in a project which brought together 40 children from Aldona village in Goa to create a mural under the mentorship of 3 artists.

Through our continuing efforts we hope to make a positive impact on and contribution to the growing arts community in Goa.

The Founding Team



An artist and member of the Goa Arts Collective, his work has received prestigious awards and has been exhibited in several shows and festivals including the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa.



Designer and visual artist with years of experience in the area of visual communication and graphic design and has been active in the arts, having displayed her work at shows and festivals including at Sensorium and Serendipity Art Festivals in Goa.


Designer and design entrepreneur, who has established and managed the very successful store People Tree in Delhi and Goa. The store supports fair trade in the crafts and provides a retail platform to many creative practitioners.


Noted photographer and curator with experience in spearheading and organising 3 editions of the Delhi Photo Festival besides curating the photography section at the Serendipity Arts Festival Goa and the Sensorium festival at Sunaparanta, Goa.

Curator and arts manager with extensive experience of working with arts organisations in India and internationally. As a curator, she has engaged herself working with art residencies, exhibitions, festivals and creating public programs. 

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