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BOUNDARIES is an exhibition that explores edges, margins and outlines. Whether an impenetrable fortification or a fragmented demarcation, a boundary line is that which separates us from them, private from public, self from other. 


Six projects presented in this exhibition are the outcome of the artist’s experiments, ruminations and work over a six month period of the Catalyst grant. While diverse in media and presentation, the works on display find common ground in their  explorations of the idea of ‘boundaries’. Together, the exhibition journeys through different forms of containment - from the human body, to the family home, and the idea of ‘community’. Ideas of identity, belonging and othernessare considered through multiple levels of enquiry.


Goa is no stranger to a prolonged and heated debate on the subject of ‘belonging’. For years the insider-outsider debate has waged on, bringing with questions of authenticity - as expressed through tropes of historicty, legacy and the means through which one validates their right to belong.

The exhibition will be on at:

Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts

Altinho, Panjim, Goa

March 30 - April 30, 2022

10 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday

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Meet the Artists
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Farah Mulla

Farah is a multimedia artist whose background in science overlaps with her art practice. In her project she uses technology to explore the perception of sound and its effects on human neurology and subjectivity.

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Sanayvi Naik

Naik’s works are a satirical commentary on the socio, political day–to–day events in his small village in Goa. His works display human tendencies like greed, ignorance, treachery, and search for one’s own identity within. 


Aldona Community Colaborative
The Aldona Community Collaborative includes Conrad Pinto and Eveny Luis, artists from Aldona, Isa Hinojosa, an illustrator based in the village, Blaise D’Sa, librarian of the Aldona branch of the Panjim-based Bookworm Library and Flavia Lobo, an enthusiastic member of the community interested in children and her home, Aldona.

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Working with image, text and site-responsive installations Rai's practice revolves around space, narratives and drawing using weathering processes, temporal conditions and found materials.

Urna Sinha_edited.png

Urna Sinha

Urna's practice revolves around collecting. She gathers words, images and objects, weaving them into a tactile and visual narrative. She uses the medium of bookmaking to incorporate the impact of touch and gestures.

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Savyasachi Anju Prabir

Using text, sound and image to create multimodal work, Savyasachi brings a reflexive and collaborative methodology to academic and artistic practice that draws inspiration from the circadian rhythms of his environment.

Vinita Baretto_edited.jpg

Vinita Barretto

Vinita is a photographer who resides and works out of a secluded village in south Goa. She believes that the medium of photography helps nurture herself and balance her turmoil with family and life ‘outside’.


Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, the exhibition will be held observing stringent protocols which include: mask wearing, sanitisation, digital catalogues and strict control of number of visitors in the galleries.

Thank you for cooperating and ensuring we can continue to enjoy art - safely!

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