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Apply by 8th August, 2023

Grant Period: 15th August 2023 - 15th February, 2024

Budget: INR 1,00,000/- 


This year’s edition of the CATALYST GRANT is focussed on installation. Applicants are invited to submit proposals to create projects that are free-standing and suitable for outdoor display. Applicants may propose to use a range of mediums and forms including but not limited to wood, metal, natural materials, found objects, light-based media etc., but should consider durability as an essential part of the work. Public facing and interactive works are encouraged, and applicants are welcome to consider activating their installations through audience participation, performance or other. 


The ENGAGE GRANT focuses on community based projects that have social engagement at their core. The proposal must indicate the community that the project seeks to engage, and be able to demonstrate how this community will benefit from the outcome of the grant. The community may be of any age group or background, as long as the project demonstrates their continued engagement in the project. Applicants from diverse backgrounds and fields including visual arts, film, theater & dance, culinary arts, food & gardening, climate & sustainability, sports, music etc. are welcome and encouraged to apply. 

While the project may be situated anywhere in Goa, the applicant must be able to present some kind of documentation or outcome of the project at the next Goa Open Arts public program in February 2024.


This opportunity is only for Goa-based creators. Individuals, groups or collectives may apply. In the case of a collective or group proposal, the primary applicant must be based in Goa. 

The budget for the Catalyst and Engage projects are INR 1,00,000/- each. 


To apply, please submit a CV, Portfolio / Links to past work, and a Project Proposal which includes a budget by 1st August, 2023.


Application deadline: 1 August 2023


  • The Goa Open Arts CATALYST + ENGAGE Grants offer production, mentoring and exhibition support for Goa-based artists, to realise a new or ongoing body of work. 

  • Each grant of INR 1,00,000 will be made to artists / collectives working in any eligible medium.

  • The realised work must be first exhibited at the next Goa Open Arts exhibition in February 2024.

  • The outcome of the Engage Grant may be site-specific and located anywhere in Goa. The grantee must be able to show documentation or reference to the project as part of the Goa Open Arts exhibition in February 2024. 

  • All Grantees will be expected to be in Goa for the duration of the exhibition, and oversee the installation and de-installation of their work.

  • All Grantees will be invited to conduct a workshop or public program during the course of the exhibition period.

  • Applicants may apply for both the CATALYST and ENGAGE Grants. They will need to upload two separate applications.



  • Any arts practitioner based in Goa is eligible to apply. 

  • There are no age restrictions on application. 

  • Arts include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, graphic arts, performance, video art, sound art, online art, new-media practice, interdisciplinary or research-based practice, socially-engaged or public art projects and book and publishing practices.

  • Individual or artist collectives may apply, if all the members are Goa-based.

  • The grantee must be able to realise their project for display at the end of the grant period.



Projects will be assessed on the basis of the artists’ demonstrable commitment to her/his practice as well as of the strength of the proposal.



Application Deadline: 8th August 2023

Grant Announcement: 15th August 2023

Grant Period: 15th August 2023 - 30th January 2024

Exhibition: February - March 2024



To apply, please complete the Online Application Form. 


You will need to upload the following documents as part of your online application. All sections are mandatory for your application to be considered elligble. 

  1. CV (2 pages)

  2. Portfolio (No more than 20 pages)

  3. Proposal (2-4 pages, and should include the following components):


a) Project Outline (700-1000 words) 

A brief introduction to your project idea, how it relates to your previous work/interests, and your proposed production plan. You may also include sketches and images to support your proposal.


b) Budget

In this section, please briefly outline how you propose to utilise the GOA Grant.



Please read the FAQs below before applying

FAQ & important information


Q. Will I receive mentorship if awarded a grant?

A. All grantees will be mentored by a member of the Goa Open Arts organising committee. GOA will also organise additional peer-exchange sessions between all grant recipients and/or external mentors. 


Q. Who is the jury?

A. The grant will be juried by members of the Goa Open Arts organising committee.


Q. If I live outside Goa am I eligible to apply?

A. No. The grant is only for artists who are based in Goa.


Q. If I was part of the Goa Open Arts Festival 2020, or received Catalyst Grant or Engage Grant in the past can I still apply for the grant?

A. Yes, artists who have exhibited before can still apply, however they must propose a new body of work, or a new iteration of a previously explored idea.


Q. What will happen to my work after it is completed?

A. The work will be first exhibited at the next Goa Open Arts public program scheduled for 2024. 


The artist will retain all legal ownership and copyright of the work.

Goa Open Arts will retain a 50% commission on any work sold through its festival or other public exhibition.


All future exhibitions, photographic print or electronic reproduction of the work produced should use the following credit line: Supported by the Goa Open Arts CATALYST GRANT 2023 or ENGAGE GRANT 2023, as applicable

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