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ECHOES is an exhibition of works from the third edition of the Goa Open Arts Catalyst and Engage artist grants. The grant was instituted in 2020, as a means to support the continuing creativity and production by artists during a challenging post-pandemic period. Goa Open Arts has partnered with Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts to exhibit the grantee’s work, and to create a public engagement program to expand the opportunities to interact with the artists and their ideas. 

The exhibition, ECHOES, brings together the diverse practices of artists Manashri Pai Dukle, Pratik Naik, Purvai Aranya, Subhash Sajja, Venkatesh Pai, and the young artist participants of the UnSchool Goa Project, led by Hafsa Bukhary and Rashmi Baruah. Simply put, an echo is a response that one gets from the environment when they put an action out into the world. Whether directly referring to an auditory experience, or a more abstract understanding of the word, Echoes, much like the shaping of the CATALYST grant, are a space for experimentation and a playful opportunity to discover the yet unknown reactions to an action.

The exhibition will be on at:

Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts

Altinho, Panjim, Goa

May 26 - June 10, 2023

10 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday

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Meet the Artists
Manashri Pai Dukle_edited.jpg

Manashri Pai Dukle

Manashri Pai Dukle’s works explore the ec effects of familial customs, traditions and traumas. Dukle, an art historian and author, embarks on an intimate research project that traces ritualistic practices and belief systems that are thrust upon women and often are the dominant narrative in their lives. 

Subhash Sajja_edited.jpg

Subhash Sajja

New media is composer and modular synth musician Subhash Sajja’s  area of exploration.His project Oscillation Orchestra is composed and recorded by Sajja, but allows the audience, to collaboratively manipulate  the computer, using hand gestures to create modified audio effects.

Pratik Naik_edited.jpg

Pratik Tushar Naik

Pratik Naik is fascinated by the endless possibilities of virtual spaces and digital animation. Expressed through a complex assembly of digital renders, animation and mixed-media A Quandary Situation, is a transportative installation that reflects upon the seemingly endless feedback loops, created by the echo effect of societal constructs.

Venkatesh pai_edited.jpg

Venkatesh Pai

Through his fantastical images Venkatesh Pai lends an air of humour and lightness to the exhibition. By eliminating "the seriousness of looking" he becomes playful with the viewer's perception.  His work brings together a series of drawings, paintings, soft-sculptures and video.

Purvai Aranya_edited.jpg

Purvai Aranya

Graphic artist and writer Purvai Aranya, revisits Waterlog, their graphic novel centered around narratives of trauma about the untimely death of a grandparent. The exhibition space allows them to take the story off the pages, to create an immersive multimedia installation. 


The UnSchool Project

This year’s Engage Grant for Community Art Practices has been awarded to UnSchool Project Goa, led by Hafsa Bukhary and Rashmi Baruah. Over a period of 8-10 weeks, the project engaged children from diverse backgrounds in the Arpora and Parra areas to engage in ‘conscious unlearning’ through various artistic practices and explorations. Bukhary and Baruah enlisted various artist mentors to lead these sessions, and inspire children to create with confidence and build awareness and engagement with self, environment, and society.

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Goa Open Arts is a platform initiated by artists for artists to support and invigorate creative practice in Goa with the belief that creative thinking and discourse are vital for a healthy society. This initiative is supported and funded by people who acknowledge the role that art plays in community. You can support the initiative in your own way - from making a financial donation, contributing in kind, commissioning and buying artworks or bringing on board your expertise.

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