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Join our crowdfunding campaign.

Play a part in bringing alive the Goa open Arts Festival 2024 — an immersive arts program that celebrates diversity, fosters creativity, and ignites the spirit of the community in Goa through art!


We're reaching out to passionate art enthusiasts, cultural advocates, and anyone who believes in the power of artistic expression, to support us in creating an unforgettable experience.



Our Goal is to raise 10% of our overall festival budget through crowdfunding, because we believe this festival belongs to all of us. For our debut festival in 2020, we raised INR 2.5 lakh through your generous donations. This year, we have expanded our scale, our community and our ambitions: support us in reaching our goal of raising INR 5,00,000/- through community giving!

Why support us?

Empowering Creativity:
Your support will empower artists, providing them with a platform to share their unique voices and talents with the world.
Building Community:
Goa Open Arts Festival is more than just a gathering; with immersive workshops, community led walkthroughs, professional skill development programs, it's an opportunity to build lasting connections, fostering a sense of community that transcends boundaries.
Collective Ownership:
We believe in the power of many individual voices coming together to foster an environment of creative autonomy. Crowdfunding campaigns reinforce the strength of grassroot actions and the value of freedom of expression.


Goa Open Arts is run by a collective of artists, curators and designers who came together with the desire to create a platform for Goa, from Goa. We recognised that Goa is home to a diverse and expanding hub of artistic talent, and decided to create a platform to bring all this creative energy together. We set out to create the first Goa Open Arts Festival in 2020, which came together through the love, support, enthusiasm and good will of a community of artists, creators, friends and family. 


Since 2020, Goa Open Arts has grown into a sustained resource for the creative community. Each year we give out artist project  grants, organise exhibitions and live events, create learning opportunities for audiences, and continue to build out a dynamic platform through which artistic ideas can thrive. 


Without any primary benefactor or institutional supporter, Goa Open Arts continues to thrive through a combination of collaborations, partnerships, donations and fundraising activities. We are a largely volunteer run organisation, with a desire to build a democratic arts organisation driven by community participation and support. Together, we make it happen. 


This is our story - and we invite you to add your voice to it.

Where does your money go?

Art/Performance Project Support 
Technical Setup
State-of-the-art sound systems, lighting, and stage equipment to elevate every performance.
Support for producing the main visual arts exhibition, the
Venue Rental
Securing the perfect spaces to host a wide array of performances, exhibitions, and installations.

What will you get?

Limited edition
artist books

How can you participate

Make a contribution. Every little bit brings us closer
to our goal!
Share our campaign on social media. 
Tell your friends, and help us create a buzz.
Become a volunteer
Be part of the team that brings Goa Open Arts Festival to life.
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