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What our Catalyst Grants 2020 awardees have to say: 


“With the introduction of Goa Open Arts and the Catalyst Grant activated during the pandemic, not only has it sparked a kinship in the local artist community but also simultaneously introduced a much-needed support system for artist based in Goa.  Goa Open Arts as a collective, has risen to the challenges faced by the pandemic and recognized the implications that it has had on the vulnerable artist community.  They have not only provided me the financial support to accomplish my vision but also made the effort to exhibit the work in the right context and plug me into the networks much needed to support my growth as an artist. Fundamentally an artist needs support from the community that they live in, to develop and become their truest potential. I was given a safe space where I had the freedom to explore and reflect on a topic that was potentially difficult to explore, in the current political sphere . I truly have been privileged to be part of this endeavor and feel enriched after this experience.”

Nandita Kumar, Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2020 awardee



“Through the goa open arts catalyst grant I got a modest seed fund, the freedom to make exactly what i felt like, and the rare joy of being part of a show where the organsiers and the artists were so engaged and supportive of each others work. I think the experience really recharged my batteries during a tough time.”

Afrah Shafiq, Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2020 awardee



“Our experience was that - it was truly a catalyst in setting of ideas engaging the local context. It is a much valuable grant and has been deeply impactful for us to be a part of it.”

Komas, Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2020 awardee



“It was an enriching experience being a part of Retellings, exhibiting my work alongside wonderful artists and recieving appreciation from the visitors. 

I went through a rigorous stimulating process while creating the works and it was gratifying to see the results. The grant motivates me to explore further with textile art.”

Poonam Pandit, Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2020 awardee



“Being a part of the Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grant was an enriching experience and made me grow as an artist. It gave me the much needed platform and sheer confidence to see my work up despite the uncertainties brought upon by the pandemic.”

Asavari Gurav, Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2020 awardee

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