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What your support will do for the arts.

Goa Open Arts has a vision to invigorate and promote the arts and all manner of creative practices in Goa. Under the banner of Goa Open Arts several productive arts based events and programmes have been undertaken. Your support for Goa Open Arts will help us continue to activate new programmes and platforms for the arts.


The Goa Open Arts festival 2020 brought together over 75 artists, musicians, poets and other creators. An inclusive and open platform it created an impact and showcased the spirit and talent of Goa's creative Community. We eagerly look forward to presenting the second edition of the Goa Open Arts festival as soon as it is safe to do so in our post pandemic world.

Besides the festival, Goa Open Arts produced the Retellings 2021 exhibition which showcased the work of the 6 Catalyst Grant awardees and Goa Open Arts will continue to plan more opportunities for Goa based artists to bring their art to the public.


During the lockdown in 2020 Goa Open Arts initiated the first edition of the  CATALYST GRANTS to support Goa based artists through the difficulties arisen due to the COVID Pandemic. The grant is now an annual award that Goa Open Arts gives to young and mid career artists to produce new work which is showcased in a public event. 

In 2021 Goa Open Arts has instituted the ENGAGE GRANT supporting artists working on community based projects which add value or benefit the community through their artistic practice. 


Goa Open Arts has a core team of experienced arts practitioners who provide guidance and assistance to artists seeking such support. In addition, the initiative has a large network of practitioners in the creative space which serves as a valuable resource for artists looking to be mentored, seeking collaborations or just need to engage with a creative community.


Goa Open Arts has conducted art workshops for students of Government village schools in North Goa. With a goal to make art to accessible, these workshops were conducted by experienced arts practitioners and were without any charge. Workshops and outreach programmes continue to be an important part of the Goa Open Arts agenda.


Goa Open Arts is an agile and responsive organisation and open to any manner of supporting creative practice and pursuits. From events to talks, residencies and workshops, the intention of the initiative is to keep art energised, accessible and relevant.

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